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Pneumatic CV Joint Boot Installation Tool

SKU: WT04B1085
 69.00 + VAT
Pneumatic CV Joint Boot Installation Tool Pneumatic CV Joint Boot Installation Tool by Toolwarehouse. This tool used to and install
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Plastex Lok – Open-grid, interlocking PVC tiles

From:  159.00
A hard-wearing tiling system that’s certified slip resistant and made from 100% recycled material, Plastex Lok is ideal for busy industrial workplaces where spillages are frequent. PLK050X050BLK Manual
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64pcs Tire Repair Kit

Available on:
SKU: WT01Z5166
 18.70 + VAT
64pcs Tire Repair Kit 64pcs Tire repair kit by Toolwarehouse. A compact and convenient set that has everything you need
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Locking Clamp for Truncks

SKU: WT04J1237
 10.00 + VAT
Locking Clamp for Truncks Locking Clamp for Truncks by Toolwarehouse. For locking hood and trunk openers when the gas springs
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Retractable Air Hose Reel

SKU: WT01Z5226
 129.00 + VAT
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4pcs Magnetic Toolbox Set

 39.00 + VAT
4pcs Magnetic Toolbox Set 4pcs Magnetic Toolbox Set by Toolwarehouse. This 4-piece magnetic toolbox tray is equipped with 4 highly
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Workshop Vice Jaw Inserts

SKU: LT-7705
 25.00 + VAT
Workshop Vice Jaw Inserts Workshop Vice Jaw Inserts by Laser Tools. Designed for use with a workshop vice. Polished or
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Tool Seat with Storage

 69.00 + VAT
Tool Seat with Storage Tool Seat with Storage by Toolwarehouse. Keep essential tools and parts within easy reach as you
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Tool Seat with Drawer

 89.00 + VAT
Tool Seat with Drawer Tool Seat with Drawer by Toolwarehouse. The rolling creeper seat allows you to work in your
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Grippaz Non-Slip Gloves

SKU: 246OR
 15.00 + VAT
Grippaz Non-Slip Gloves Grippaz Non-Slip Gloves have revolutionised working and medical gloves used around the world. In most applications, they can
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Insulated Magnetic Pick Up Tool

SKU: LT-7211
 13.90 + VAT
Insulated Magnetic Pick Up Tool Insulated Magnetic Pick Up Tool by Laser Tools. Rated to 1000V. Length 420mm; magnet size
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Insulated Pick Up Tool 1000V

SKU: LT-7758
 39.00 + VAT
Insulated Pick Up Tool 1000V Insulated Pick Up Tool 1000V by Laser Tools. Flexible, insulated pick up tool ideal for
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Voltage tester 3-48V

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SKU: K 12150
 14.00 + VAT
Voltage tester 3-48V Voltage tester 3-48V by Kamasa Tools. Testing tool for electronics, 3-48V. Suitable for electrical and electronic vehicle
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Locking Wheel Nut – Land Rover

SKU: LT-6859
 119.00 + VAT
Locking Wheel Nut – Land Rover Locking Wheel Nut – Land Rover by Laser Tools. Applications: Land Rover Discovery 1
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Locking Wheel Nut – Mercedes

SKU: LT-6742
 95.00 + VAT
Locking Wheel Nut – Mercedes Locking Wheel Nut – Mercedes by Laser Tools. Clover leaf style locking wheel nut key
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Locking Wheel Nut Master Key Set

SKU: LT-5982
 119.00 + VAT
Locking Wheel Nut Master Key Set Locking Wheel Nut Master Key Set by Kamasa Tools. A 16 piece set for
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Portable 5″ Screen Inspection

SKU: K 12170
 425.00 + VAT
Portable 5″ Screen Inspection Portable 5″ Screen Inspection by Kamasa Tools. Portable inspection camera (Endoscope) that records still images, video,
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Heavy Duty Checker Plate PVC Tiles-16Pcs Set

 189.00 + VAT
  • Checker plate surface with interlocking jigsaw design
  • Made from 100% REACH compliant recycled PVC
  • Slip resistant, hard wearing on checker plate surface
  • Insulating properties
  • Chemical, oil and acid resistant
  • Made in the UK
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44” Heavy Duty Creeper

SKU: TAC6441
 59.00 + VAT
44” Heavy Duty Creeper 44” Heavy Duty Creeper by Toolwarehouse with a heavy-duty steel framework and a powder coat paint
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5L Oil Jug

SKU: WT01P0042
 7.50 + VAT
5L Oil Jug 5L Oil Jug by Toolwarehouse. Screw cap and lid enables jug to be used as a container,
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Workshop Tool Set, 10pcs

SKU: M00350
 139.00 + VAT
Workshop Tool Set, 10pcs Workshop Tool Set, 10pcs by Mannesmann Tools, includes everything you need to repair or examine a
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Magnet Bowl

SKU: K 1924
 14.00 + VAT
Magnet Bowl Magnet Bowl by Kamasa Tools. Stores small parts such as screws etc. Plastic Magnetic foot allows fixation to
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Magnetic bowl, rectangular

SKU: K 195
 15.00 + VAT
Magnetic bowl, rectangular Magnetic bowl, rectangular by Kamasa tools, for small parts, bolts and nuts. A must have accessory for
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